Comprehensive Eye Exams

As part of your comprehensive eye exam, our doctor will screen your eyes for glaucoma, cataracts, amblyopia (lazy eye), diabetic eye disease, hypertensive eye disease, retinal detachment, and many other disorders of the eye.  Of course, our doctor will also listen to your visual concerns and needs to derive at an appropriate and comfortable eyeglasses prescription.






Contact Lens Services

Whether you want fun daily disposable soft color contacts for that special night out OR require specialty or gas permeable contacts for astigmation, presbyopia (inability to refocus from distance to near), keratoconus, or orthokeratology (non-surgical refractive therapy), our doctor has the expertise to fit the right contact lenses for your eyes.


Corneal Refractive Therapy (CRT)

Our doctor is especially certified for Corneal Refractive Therapy (CRT).  Correct your vision while you sleep with safe, non-surgical Paragon CRT® therapeutic lenses, and enjoy great vision 24 hours a day, without the hassles of glassess and daytime contacts.


Dry Eye Treatment

Are your eyes red a lot?  Do you feel burning, especially at the end of the day?  Do you feel like there is some sand or debris in the eye?  If so, you might be experiencing dry eyes.  Could those over-the-counter eye drops making the problem worse?  Our doctor can discuss several treatment options for you, including prescription eye drops that increase tear production or punctal plugs which decrease drainage of your tears from the eyes.


Lasik Comanagement

Previously working at a large Lasik center, our doctor has the knowledge and experience to answer any questions you may have concerning Lasik surgery.  Our doctor stays up-to-date with all the latest technological advancements in Wavefront (Custom) Lasik and Intralase (Intra-Lasik, Bladeless Lasik, All-Laser Lasik).  Ask for your free Lasik consultation with your eye examination.  We can help you determine if you are a good candidate for Lasik.  We also provide easy, convenient post-operative care visits at our office.


Pediatric Eye Exams

Did you know that the American Optometric Society recommends all babies have their first eye exam between ages 6 to 12 months?  Amblyopia (lazy eye) is best-treated during infancy or early childhood.  Amblyopia is noted by a reduction in vision, not correctable by glasses or contact lenses.  It affects approximately two to three out of 100 children.  Our doctor loves children and possesses the patience and skills to make sure your child's vision is well-taken cared of.  Do not let the lack of good vision interfere with your child's performance in school.


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